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Christian Studies



This years theme is about the choices we make, no matter what the circumstance is, whether it's BIG or small, our choices we make will effect our lives.  The students will be taking a look into different Bible stories and characters who made good and bad choices.  

Each month, during Chapel time, the following biblical characters and their stories will be told:

October: Ruth and her good/loyal choice to stay with Naomi (Book of Ruth)

November: Joseph (Genesis 37)

December: Christmas Story (Matthew, Mark, Luke)

January: Adam & Eve- How choices they made affected our future and our lives today. 

February: Jacob & Esau's Birth Right

March: Esther

April: Judas Iscariot

May: Saul/Paul- He made some bad choices, but God did not give up on him. Instead, God changed his life positiviely! 

Memory Verses

September: Isaiah 41:10  

October: Romans 8:28  

November: Deuteronomy 31:6  

December: Matthew 11:28  

January: Jeremiah 29:11  

February: Psalm 46:1  

March: Hebrews 11:1    

April: Joshua 1:9  

May: Philippians 4:6