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How do I register my child?

If you would like to register your child(ren) at Trinity, there is a Registration Package that needs to be filled out and submitted to the school. To pick up one of these packages, please stop by the school and ask our secretary for a Registration Package and she would be happy to assist you in completing your registration! 

Do the students have to wear a uniform?

Students are expected to wear a school uniform everyday, except for announced Casual Days and Spirit Days. To find out more details about our Uniform Policy, please check out the About Tab on the Home Page and read the Uniform section. 

Trinity is a Christian School. What kind of Christian Programming do you offer? 

TCA is a part of the Association of Christian Schools International. "The Association of Christian Schools International (ACSI) is the largest Protestant educational organization in the world. Since 1978, ACSI has advanced excellence in Christian schools by enhancing the professional and personal development of Christian educators and providing support functions for Christian schools. ACSI member schools serve more than 5.5 million students worldwide. Along with a headquarters facility, ACSI has 25 offices in North America and around the globe. Nearly 24,000 schools from over 100 countries are members. The primary financial support for ACSI is from 3,300 US-based schools." 1

We use Christian Studies Curriculum designed by ACSI in our classrooms to teach children about the Bible and help them develop and grow in their personal faith and relationship with the Lord. Within their classrooms, students will participate in daily morning devotions, prayer times and scripture memorization. Once a week, students will attend Chapel where they will spend time in worship and hear a message delivered by either a staff member or a guest speaker from the community. Our goal is to provide a safe and inviting environment for students to grow in their relationship with Jesus. 

Does Trinity offer any Extra-Curricular Sports?

TCA is pleased to offer Volleyball, Basketball, Run Club and a Swim Team for students. To find out more about these teams, please return to the Home Page and click on the Athletics Tab. 

Are Hot Lunches available at Trinity?

Every Thursday, we offer a Hot Lunch that parents can purchase for their students. Hot Lunches are ordered from a variety of different restaurants around town, as well as some lunches from the cafeteria located within the school. We also offer Booster Juice to students on the first Friday of every month. To order, please return to the Home Page and click on the Booster Juice/Hot Lunch link, and it will take you to the Hot Lunch Site. 

What if my child(ren) need(s) to take the bus to school?

In order for your child to be able to take the bus, you will need to fill out a Transportation Request Form. This form can be picked up at the school office. You then will need to call the Transportation Office at the School Division Office to arrange pick-up/drop-off times.