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May 24 - May 29 New Curriculum Meeting @ 6:30pm Curriculum Announcement.pdf

Jan 18 - Kindergarten Registration is Now Open!

To register in one of our school's Kindergarten Program's, please visit Our Schools and select the school you are interested in registering your child with, then follow their registration process.  For more information on kindergarten, school fees and transportation please visit Parents and Students. 

Nov 15 - Education Plan and AERR 2016

Please check out this years Education Plan by clicking on the link below. There is a lot of great information in this document. Plan and AERR Oct 2016.pdf

Oct 21 - Government of Alberta Fall 2016 Online Provincial Curriculum Survey

Direct link Government of Alberta  Fall 2016 Online Provincial Curriculum Survey:   Parents/Guardians: Have a say in the future of your children’s education We want to give all students the best possible start in life so that they can meet the demands of living in the 21st century. Alberta Education is moving forward in the development of...

Oct 7 - Student Achievement continues to improve in Golden Hills

Students in the Golden Hills School Division are performing well and continue to improve in many areas according to the most recent results on the 2015-2016 Provincial Achievement Test and Diploma Examinations. “We are very pleased to see continued increases again in this year’s student achievement results” said Bevan Daverne, Superintendent of Schools. Many of our Achievement test and Di...

Jun 28 - Transportation Reminder

Registration for bus transportation for the 2016-2017 school year is currently underway. You may register your child online for transportation at: and click on the Transportation Department link (the big yellow bus). Who should apply for transportation? • New Kindergarten students that live in excess of 1.2 km from their designated school • Students that are changing schools...

May 13 - Parent Survey - 2015-2016 - Family School Community Resource Counseling Program

As a program we are interested in your feedback about the Family School Community Resource Counseling Program offered in your school. Completing this survey is voluntary and you may choose to NOT answer all of the questions. All responses that you provide will be managed in accordance with the Freedom of Information of Privacy Act. In order to maintain anonymity all information you give us will re...

Nov 23 - Education Plan & AERR Nov 2015

Education Plan and AERR November 2015

Oct 8 - Golden Hills Sees Continued Improvement in Student Achievement

Press Release - Golden Hills sees continued Improvement in Student Achievement ----- Students in the Golden Hills School Division are performing well and continue to improve in many areas according to the most recent results on the 2014-2015 Provincial Achievement Test and Diploma Examinations. “We are very pleased to see continued increases again in this year’s student achievement resul...

Jun 26 - GHSD Report to the Community - June 2015

We are pleased to share our Report to the Community & Interim Education Plan with all of our parents, staff, students and communities. Please click here for the link to the document.  Enjoy!

Apr 22 - Public Meeting - April 27 7:00 p.m. at the SHS Theatre

Dear Parents of Strathmore Area schools: Though you may not have heard much about this in the media, we are finding that the most recent budget announcement is turning out to be the one of the toughest budgets we have dealt with in the last decade. It has the potential to significantly impact our classrooms, programming, busing and other supports we currently have in place for students.  We ne...

Feb 4 - Important Letter to Parents About Measles

Measles Information - As spring holidays approach, we know that many families have vacations planned, both within and outside of Canada. Travelling increases your family’s risk of exposure to many different diseases, including measles. Measles is a very real threat in many parts of the world, including as close to home as California, where a measles outbreak is currently ongoing. It is al...

Jan 19 - Golden Hills Kindergartens in Strathmore & Carseland

Golden Hills kindergartens in Strathmore are wonderful places for your children to learn and grow. Check out our ad for information on what we have to offer.

Dec 10 - Grade 3 Student Learning Assessment Pilot

Grade 3 students participated in the pilot administration of the Student Learning Assessment. The primary purpose of the Student Learning Assessment is to improve student learning. The SLA is also intended to enhance instruction and assure Albertans the education system meets the needs of the students and achieves the outcomes of the Ministerial Order on Student Learning. While every effort wa...

Dec 2 - 2014 Education Plan & Annual Education Results Report Plan and AERR October 2014.pdf

Oct 30 - Great Kids Award

Great Kids Award In spring 2015, the Government of Alberta is presenting the 15th Annual Great Kids Award to recognize young people for doing great things every day – at home, at school, and in their community. Alberta is home to thousands of kids who do remarkable things for themselves and others. That’s why the Great Kids Award was first launched in 1999 to celebrate Alberta’s chil...

Oct 9 - Golden Hills Sees Growth in Student Achievement

October 9, 2014 PRESS RELEASE - Students in the Golden Hills School Division are performing well and are improving in many areas according to the most recent results on the 2013-2014 Provincial Achievement Test and Diploma Examinations. “We provide students with the tools they need to be successful 21st century learners” said Bevan Daverne, Superintendent of Schools. “This is made p...

Jun 23 - Week of June 23 - 27

June 23 -  Gr 6 Social PAT, Gr 9 Science, Gr 7&8 Math Final (am), Gr 7&8 Social (pm) / June 24 - Gr 9 Math PAT, Gr 7&8 LA Final (am), Gr 7&8 Science Final (pm); Atlas Coal Mine Field Trip Gr 4 // June 25 - Gr 9 PAT - LA Part B; Field Day Gr 1-6 // June 26 - Gr 9 PAT - Social, Report Cards handed out Gr 1-6 // June 27 - Junior High Report Cards handed out 10:00 - 10:30 a...

Jun 3 - School Spirit Days

To score points for your house league team of Red Eagle, Green Hawk or Blue Falcon remember to dress for the following school spirit day. Beach Day - June 10 Points (up to May 1) are:  Red Eagles 1542,  Green Hawks  1574 and Blue Falcons  1882      

May 30 - Kindergarten & Pre-Kindergarten Registration

Kindergarten Registration began Monday, Feb. 3 at 9 am.  Students need to be 5 on or before Feb. 28, 2015.  Please bring their birth certificate or a copy of it for registration.  Please indicate your preference for Kindergarten: Full time - 5 day, or Regular time - Tues/Thur.  There will be a Kindergarten Orientation day on June 24, more details to follow to the parents of registered student...

Apr 30 - Open Houses 2014-2015 School Year

Open House:  Dates for Open Houses are Wed., May 28 and Mon., June 9 from 4:00 - 7:00 pm Registrations for Pre-Kindergarten, Kindergarten and Grades 1-9 will be accepted at the open house and at the school office until June 27. During the summer registration forms can be mailed to the school.          We look forward to seeing you.

Mar 29 - New On-line Access to Marks and Attendance for Your Child

Golden Hills is excited to provide access to parents to their students learner profile on-line.  With this new tool you will be able to access your child's attendance, marks and other additional information.  Please see below on how to access this new resource.  Learner Profile process: There are two parts to the new Learner Profile; one part is the actual paper copy that will be sent ho...