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Nov 13 - Grade 8/9 Art Project

Students wrapped each other with packing tape, cut them off and restuck the different body parts to create their own masterpieces.

Nov 13 - Chapel

This years' theme is taken from Lee Strobel's book, Case for Christ.  The teachers are God's Agents teaching the students to investigate the Bible, giving them opportunities to believe in God's Word and then showing them how to defend what they believe. Chapel is on Tuesday at 1pm - all parents are welcome to join.  During Chapel, students sing action songs, play games, take lead teaching and...

Nov 13 - Kindergarten

Sep 30 - Meet the Teacher

This is a great opportunity to see who will be teaching your children, ask questions and connect with other parents.  Come for supper, fellowship with other parents and then after supper meet your child's teacher.

Oct 8 - Thanksgiving 2013

Thanksgiving Art and Poems

Jan 17 - Pre-K

Dec 13 - Grade 2 -3

Dec 13 - Grade 1

Dec 13 - Grade 4,5 & 6

Dec 7 - Junior High

Dec 7 - Christmas