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TCA's Classrooms Have Arrived

Trinity Christian Academy (TCA) has been growing at an incredible rate. From 2020 to 2022, they've gone from having around 150 students to 250. The K-9 school's rapid growth created the need for more classroom space, so the school is building two new classrooms for both grade 4 classes.

TCA principal Stefan Dykema said the portables were desperately needed given the growth, and these portables should be a huge help.

"We're running out of space, so these portables help provide us with a permanent solution. It will help us lower our class sizes into the low 20s," he said.

More classrooms will help every grade out, but Dykema explained it's particularly exciting for the Grade 4 students.

"We have two Grade 4 classes and the students are really looking forward to being right beside each other and building their own little Grade 4 community in that section of the school." 

TCA is still working on adding these portables to the school, but Dykema hopes the classrooms will be ready to go before Thanksgiving. One exciting thing about the portables is that it'll fit seamlessly into the school since they're also building a hallway to connect these new classrooms. 

*story from Strathmore Now-September 13th

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